Pipe Masters Specialise in Hot water, Septic treatment plants & storm water drainage

All plumbers do plumbing, but what are our specialty’s, and what do we enjoy doing for our customers? If I told you we are passionate about completing Gas hot water conversions, Installing sewer treatment plants and irrigation fields finding storm water solutions for your property you can bet you’re going to get a top job done. We know what we are good at, so talk to the experts.

Hot water solutions

We love giving our clients hot water solutions – Gas hot water, air to water heat pump, wet back systems, it’s our passion – Go to our hot water page under residential services to check out some information on this topic.

Septic treatment plants

We are passionate about poos. We can deal with the OSET deign, get your tank in the ground and maintain your system with a service maintenance schedule to keep you on track. We are specialist installers for most systems and know the best way to keep things flowing in the right direction.

Storm water solutions

The last thing you want is a flood on a cold winters night. Talk to the guys at Pipe Masters to deal with your situation. We can taylor a solution that meets your needs and the councils requirements. From Soak hole to cesspit, channel grate to curb connection we will get the water off your drive, out of your garage and where it belongs.


Make sure you turn your water off when you go on holiday – The last thing you want to return home to is a waterfall cascading down your stairs!



Air to water heat pumps are not the first thing you think of when you think hot water, but they are some of the highest efficiency units around.

Up to 65% more energy efficient that your traditional electric hot water units they are up there, natural gas high efficiency units are a close second and then LPG behind that.


Drip irrigation is not your only option for effluent disposal fields.

Low dosage effluent trenches in our opinion are the better option, offering a longer term solution to the problems of blocking providing the soil is able to accept this method.


Soak holes don’t last forever – install a cesspit on the line before the soak hole to make it last longer by catching silt and sediment before it enters the hole.

Not the answer you’re looking for?

No worries, get in touch with us and we’ll give you all the advice you need to get the job on track. We know that sometimes, you just want to do the job yourself. All you need is a little advice and assurance that you’re not going to cause permanent damage. If you're half way through a project, and you’re feeling a little out of your depth, get in touch and we’ll double check to make sure you’re on the right path.