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If you need the experts in residential drainage, from septic tanks to drain unblocking, then get in touch today with the Pipe Masters team.

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    Storm Water Solutions

    Our team has extensive knowledge in knowing what’s needed to make surface water go away. From soak holes to cesspits, to Novacoil and channel grate, Pipe Masters Hamilton can provide expert support when it comes to storm water solutions.

    Sewer and Septic Tanks

    Pipe Masters not only know every requirement for sanitary sewer pipe work, we also install septic tanks and sewage treatment plants (for rural homes) that meet all council requirements. We can support you from the design by the OSET engineer, right through to installation and ongoing maintenance.

    Drain Unblocking

    Need drains unblocking? Pipe Masters Hamilton has an industrial jetting unit for clearing drains. It is powerful and can blast the toughest of blockage - watch how the jetting unit works.
    We also have CCTV equipment that can identify the cause of blockages, which is really helpful in preventing a recurrence of the problem. The Pipe Masters team are highly dedicated to resolving blockages swiftly, particularly in scenarios when businesses are unable to operate.

    Past Drainage Work by Pipe Masters

    This project in Welcome Bay is an example of how we overcome obstacles around access to ensure a project is a success.

    Lightweight Septic Tank

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    Drainage advice from our team

    If you have a soak hole

    Soak holes do not last forever and sometimes need to be re-drilled and replaced once they are full of silt and rubbish. Pipe Masters recommend installing a cesspit on the lines going to a soak hole to avoid blockages and to increase its lifespan.

    If you have flooding in high rainfall

    If your soak holes are full of silt they may not be doing the job. Our advice is to seek guidance and expertise to deal with the issue before the next big downpour.

    If your sewage treatment irrigation lines keep blocking

    Annual or biannual serving is needed if you have a sewage treatment plant. Cleaning out the filters and maintaining the aerator is critical. Make sure that a trained specialist services your unit as removing your filter will cause issues with the irrigation field.

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