Heating Solutions in Tauranga & Bay of Plenty

The expert plumbers and gas fitters at Pipe Masters are highly experienced and have completed a wide range of heating installations in the Bay of Plenty. Our calculations will ensure that your heating bills are minimal and that your heating system is working at optimum efficiency.

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    Radiator Systems

    Radiator systems use hot water, pumped through radiators to heat rooms. Radiator home heating is efficient, easy to retro-fit, and runs very quietly. However, these systems can only be used for heating, not cooling. The generated hot water is pumped through the piping and through the radiators to heat the spaces where they are placed. The system is calculated and sized to suit the dwelling through the Heat Retention Calculation carried out by our Heating Engineer. This ensures maximum efficiency from each radiator, with as low running costs as possible.

    Underfloor Heating Services

    These systems heat your home by using heated water that travels through pipes. These pipes can be installed in the floor of a building and will radiate heat into a space or cool it down. Hydronic in-floor heating should not be confused with the electrical in-floor heating that has a high cost to run. A hydronic system uses heated/cooled water, (not electricity), which travels around pipes that are embedded in the floor, walls, or ceiling of the dwelling. This heats the home in a gentle, ambient heat which is extremely comfortable and satisfying underfoot especially in bathrooms.

    Air to Water Heat Pumps

    Pipe Masters are specially trained in air to water heat pump heating technology and install more air to water heating systems in the Bay of Plenty than any other company. As such our experience in this area is unparalleled. Pipe Masters understand how to size and commission these complex systems as well as monitoring them remotely through internet service gateways that we install. We are also a proud service agent for Stiebel Eltron, one of the world-leading hydronic heat pump companies.

    Gas Boilers

    Gas boilers are a common heat source for heating systems and can be utilised with a hot water cylinder as a combi unit or stand alone, depending on the application. Pipe Masters has successfully completed many boiler installations and we are service agents for Bosch boilers who are one of the market leaders.

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    Past Work

    Pipe Masters installed a hydronic air to water heat pump, underfloor heating and hot water system in this JBH show home in the Bay of Plenty.

    JBH Show Home

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    Heating Tips

    Two important points to consider when installing a radiator system:

    1. Radiators take up space and can’t be moved.
    2. A radiator system can’t be used for cooling.

    Points to consider when installing an underfloor heating system:

    1. The system can be combined with other heating systems.
    2. The flooring of a dwelling can have a major impact on the floor heating performance. This is taken into consideration when the Heat Retention Calculation is carried out to ensure the least energy usage.
    3. Pipework can be embedded in the floor. This provides the maximum usage of the space in the room.

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