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Plumbing is more than our day to day work at Pipe Masters – it’s what we’re deeply passionate about too. Across Hamilton, we get to help people who need support with everything from an emergency plumber service, to finding a leak, to renovations, installing toilets, and commercial work.

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    Pipe Masters have established a reputation for being the trusted experts in completing retrofits/renos. Our Hamilton team is here to help you, from giving advice to supplying materials at trade discount.


    We’re always available to respond to emergency plumbing work, no matter how late or how early it is. Whether it is leaking pipes, drain unblocking, gas leaks or not having any hot water, Pipe Masters can be there for you, 24/7.

    New Builds

    We’re proud to be associated with many of the top builders and housing companies operating across Hamilton and the Bay of Plenty. Pipe Masters complete hundreds of new homes each year, ranging from architectural properties to simple homes. No matter the project, we can undertake it all.

    Past Work

    This project in Welcome Bay is an example of how we overcome obstacles around access to ensure a project is a success.
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    Turner Project

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    Plumbing tips from Pipe Masters

    Is the pressure in your shower too low?

    If you have low shower pressure at home, then the chances are that you have a low pressure hot water cylinder. You can sometimes get a small pressure boost through installing a valve on the roof, or extending your vent pipe, but this is only a minimal change.

    Do you have a black pipe that keeps bursting?

    Dux Quest was an early type of black plastic piping used in houses in the late 1970s to early 1980s. Within ten years or so, it was recognised as a serious problem with pipes and fittings bursting all over the country. It can be recognised by its black colour with copper and plastic fittings. Our advice is that you need to get as much of this replaced as soon as possible.

    How to turn the water off

    There is usually a meter box at the front of your property. It is often either by the drive or in the front berm. You’ll need a screwdriver to pry open the box to turn this off.

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