We’re focused on providing plumbing solutions. Whether you need a new house plumbed up or you’re about to start a renovation, we’ll have a cost effective plumbing solution for you

Gas Fitting

We’re certified to provide you with a gas solution. Whether your looking for a methodical, stress free gas servicing solution or converting to gas cooking, we’ll ensure your satisfaction. We have the Gas solution for you.

Hotwater Systems

We’re the leaders in Hotwater Systems. Whether you’re looking at a complete system upgrade, from low to mains, or a shift from electric to gas, we’ll have a hot water solution for you.


From storm water solutions, septic tanks or sanitary sewer pipes underground our team of tradesman, excavators and lasers will get you free falling (the good kind of falling).

Specialty Services

All plumbers do plumbing, but what are our specialty’s, and what do we enjoy doing for our customers? If I told you we are passionate about completing Gas hot water conversions, Installing sewer treatment plants and irrigation fields finding storm water solutions for your property you can bet you’re going to get a top job done.


By installing an energy efficient heating system in your home or place of business, you can drastically cut your power bills and do your bit for Mother Nature! The expert plumbers and gas fitters at Pipe Masters have a wide range of experience with multiple heating installations.
Great reasons to get a pipe master over a plumber

Check our Team Expertise…

Quality Work

  • Pipe Masters Plumbers are the best in town. Here’s why…
  • Accurate job cards from the cloud
  • Qualified Tradesman
  • Solution Based thinking
  • Understanding your needs

Kiwi Owned

  • Pipe Masters Plumbers are the best in town. Here’s why
  • Trustworthy
  • We have dealt with your situation before
  • Materials delivered to site
  • Great attitudes

Find the Problem

  • Pipe Masters find the problem the first time
  • Dealing with the cause rather than the symptom.
  • We have seen it all
  • Experienced in maintenance
  • Latest technology

Saving You Money

  • Pipe Masters don’t waste time, we’ll get the job done to the highest standard
  • Accurate cloud based job cards
  • GPS in vehicles
  • Local in your area
  • Fully stocked vans