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    Hot Water Solutions

    We love giving our clients a range of hot water solutions. From gas hot water to air to water heat pumps, to wetback systems and solar hot water, Pipe Masters can help you. Find out more

    Outdoor Showers

    Pipe Masters Instagram page has become the go to inspiration location for planning your bespoke outdoor shower. We have come up with a winning formula to get your back door shower looking straight out of Pinterest. Get in touch to get us out for a quote today.

    Drain Unblocking

    Pipe Masters has an industrial jetting unit for clearing drains, powerful enough to blast the toughest of blockages, and CCTV equipment to identify the cause of blockages to prevent recurrence. See how the jetter works here. Our team are dedicated to resolving these issues in a timely manner, particularly where businesses are unable to operate without blockages cleared.

    Past Work

    We worked with engineers to install a large stormwater network between five stories of the Elizabeth St car park in Tauranga. Elements that needed to be considered included expansion of PVC and seismic bracing for the pipework in the event of natural disaster.

    Elizabeth Carpark Building

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    Plumbing Tips from Pipe Masters

    Hot water efficiency

    Air to water heat pumps are some of the highest efficiency units around. They’re up to 65% more energy efficient than traditional electric hot water units. Natural gas high efficiency units are not far behind followed by LPG.

    Septic soakage field inside

    Drip irrigation is not your only option for effluent disposal fields. Low dosage effluent trenches are the better option in our opinion. They offer a longer term solution to the problems of blocking, providing the soil is able to accept this method.

    Soak Hole Inside

    Soak holes don’t last forever. Install a cesspit on the line before the soak hole to make it last longer by catching silt and sediment before it enters the hole.

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